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Free help with emotional challenges with new Swedish chat app

Do you experience anxiety, difficulty sleeping, suffer from eating disorders or feel unwell in other ways? Regardless of your problem: In the new Swedish chat app Angelchat, you get help and support from others who have had the same difficulties as you.

Stockholm, Sweden, March 24, 2022

The Swedish app Angelchat has been downloaded by over 100,000 users, most of them young women.

- You can be 100% anonymous, and it is easy to get going and start chatting, says Karolina Öman, one of the company’s founders.

You can both seek help for your own problems and offer help as an angel within the app, and you can be anonymous.

- The unique thing about Angelchat is that you who seek help are matched with an "angel" who has been exactly where you are. The angel has had the same emotional challenges as you but has moved on and now feels safer and stronger, says Karolina Öman.

Together against loneliness - chat about anything you need

You can talk about anything:

- It can be about anxiety, depression, loneliness, abuse, obsessions, eating disorders, addiction, stress. You may have a relative who is unwell. No problem is too small or too big. Angelchat is there so that you do not have to feel that you're alone with your problems and worries.

Karolina Öman started Angelchat together with Johan Bergenudd who has 15 years of experience from peer-to-peer support in addiction, where a mentor and a newcomer share the same problem.

Karolina has ADHD and has found it valuable with support from others with the same diagnosis.

- We often get the very best help from a fellow human being who can understand through their own experiences. That contact can be almost magical, says Karolina and continues:

- You get help in a way that you can not get from others - not even from a close relative or a good psychologist who has not been where you are. It is also a huge asset that you can turn to your angel whenever you want, and as often as you want.

This is how you get started

Starting a chat is easy. You download the app and answer questions that build your anonymous profile. Then you are matched, using algorithms, with people who share your challenges. If you seek help, you select an angel among the ones you get matched with. If you offer help as an angel, you wait until a seeker selects you. Once connected you can start chatting right away!

- Many people find it’s easier to share sensitive things when you are allowed to be anonymous, and when you turn to a neutral person that you have no ties to, says Karolina.

It's free to both download the app and chat.

How do I know my angel is serious?

- Our team reviews all angels before they can start chatting. They do not need any special training. On the other hand, they should have overcome mental challenges or live with a diagnosis, have experience of physical pain or a socially vulnerable situation. They should be good at listening and supporting, and be stable enough to help others.

Angelchat only connects people of the same sex for maximum safety.

- Should a person in any way behave badly in the chat, you can easily report the person - and the user is blocked indefinitely. You can also easily change angels if yours does not feel right.

Does the angel get paid?

- No, the idea with Angelchat is that the angels give support because they want to help others, and see it as part of their own development. If the angels were paid, the motive could be different.

What do I do if I get worried about the person I am chatting with, and think that the person needs care?

- Angelchat is for emotional support and is a complement to professional care - and should definitely not replace it. Crises, as well as other critical situations, must always be handled by professionals. The app contains advice and instructions on what you can do if you or your chat friend need to get in touch with a crisis center.


About Angelchat

Social media and loneliness are threats to mental health. Angelchat empowers people by allowing them to connect with those they share unique experiences with. The app’s founders possess over 15 years of experience from P2P mentoring and have previously successfully scaled up tech businesses worldwide. To date, Angelchat has raised over $700,000 from renowned investors and currently helps thousands of users regain their confidence and self-worth. For more information visit

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