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Get rid of your anxiety with Angelchat

It is important to talk about things that lead to anxiety, distress and worry, and preferably with a person who understands through their own experience.

Stockholm, Sweden, March 9, 2022

Many people experience anxiety

Sometimes the world feels completely crazy. Society had barely opened up after two years of shutdown when the terrible invasion of Ukraine began. It is no wonder that many people experience anxiety, fear and other emotional problems. In fact, today 55% of women aged 16-29 experience reduced mental well-being. Social media affects this demographic group in a more negative sense than others. According to researchers, this is due to social pressure and unhealthy comparisons with other people's lives, which often look better than one's own, as it stands perfected in the lense of the flow.

Perceived loneliness is a big problem

Despite the fact that with today's technology there are so many opportunities to get in touch with others, many feel left to their own devices with their most difficult personal challenges. Researchers actually believe that loneliness may be the biggest threat to mental health globally and in some countries, such as England, governments are trying to counteract the problem by installing a Loneliness Minister. In the past, it was said that it took an entire village to raise a child and today it is as clear as ever that family and friends are not always enough to meet a person's every need.

Talk to someone who has experienced what you are experiencing

Studies suggest that people can get out of their loneliness and get good support by easing their heart by talking to a person who understands what they are going through because they have experienced the same things - such as vulnerability, anxiety, eating disorders or other destructive behavior - or that you share the same type of diagnosis, e.g. adhd, ptsd or autism.

Peer-to-peer works

This type of support is called peer-to-peer (P2P) and greatly benefits both the provider as well as the person seeking support. The person seeking support gets rid of the stigma surrounding their problem and can experience hope and freedom because the other person in a credible way fully understands the situation. While the one who offers support gets to experience intimacy and meaning and can turn tough challenges into their strongest assets by helping others.

An app for unconditional support

The Angelchat app offers a platform where you can quickly and 100% anonymously create a profile, get matched and chat with people who share exactly the same experiences that you go through. The app is already used by thousands of people and many users report that they have found understanding and meaning that they previously felt they lacked. The fact that you are anonymous is perceived by many users as absolutely crucial.


About Angelchat

Social media and loneliness are threats to mental health. Angelchat empowers people by allowing them to connect with those they share unique experiences with. The app’s founders possess over 15 years of experience from P2P mentoring and have previously successfully scaled up tech businesses worldwide. To date, Angelchat has raised over $700,000 from renowned investors and currently helps thousands of users regain their confidence and self-worth. For more information visit

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