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iOS v4.4 launched

with enhanced security by BankID, improved UX, advertising framework and brand new user contribution scheme.

Android v.4.2 launched

with the new algorithm and UX platform.



Partnered with the London Fund and INFLUENCE

Partnered with the London Fund and INFLUENCE, a US-based Influencer Marketing Fund, and welcomed its Founder Alex Shah as Board Member.


Titti Lundgren

(Co-founder & CMO Coala Life) contracted as advisor within Digital Health Funding (raised $25m to Coala Life).

Board extended

with Chairman, Mattias Santesson (Founder & CEO CityDental, exit in 2020) and Ordinary Board Member, Mathias Ingvarsson (driving force behind Yniq Eyewear, Solo Sciences and Tempur Pedic).

SEK 1 million raised

from Andreas Kock to increase app security, improve UX and create a monetization framework.

Selected as 1/100

of over 1000 applicants to Newchip Ventures Accelerator Seed & Series A Program in the United States.

70,000 messages

per month, 55% retention rate month for month.


Product market fit survey

indicates that 38% of respondents would be very disappointed if they could not use the app. (40% = product market fit)

iOSA v4.0

with new matching structure, redeveloped smart AI algorithm and upgraded design.



Raises SEK 250,000

from existing investors. 

iOS 3.0

with new UX and onboarding. 

1000 personal stories

submitted by users. 

EU brand

for Angelchat, design and halo (favicon) registered. 


10.000 app installations

per month renders 1000 DAU.

UX analysis

encompassing in-depth interviews with existing and future angels and seekers to define personas and development plan. 

Campaign on Snapchat

generates 5,000 app installations at €0.82/install and 433 in-app purchases at CAC €10. 

Raises SEK 3 million

from Lilliehök & Co. to expand user base and develop UX. 


Campaign with micro influencers

Josefine Ivarsson and Liv Grenell. 

Reaches 10,000 

app downloads. 




Campaign with influencer

Madeleine Ilmrud.

SEK 1 million raised

from Mattias and Henrik Santesson to increase marketing and validate concept. 

Collaboration begins

with early stage agency Everyday to develop strategic brand platform and graphic design. 

MVP is approved by Apple

and the app is launched in the App Store. 1000 downloads with 60/40 split seeker/angel. 


Swedish brand name "Angelchat"

is registered

Top-notch advisors

contracted in matching, growth, tech and youth. 

Development of the app and algorithm begins

The "Angelchat" brand is created. Design of app, brand, logo, user interface, avatars with resources from Fiverr. 



App ready for beta testing

and submitted to Apple for approval. 


Raises 600,000

from FROS ventures and Almi Innovation Stockholm. 

Partnership established with QTE

for development of MVP. 

Technical feasibility study

regarding app and algorithm. 



Business concept tested

in live environment on Facebook with good results. 

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